15 Nov
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3rd MAPO National CPD Conference

To upgrade and benefit MAPO members’ professional knowledge, MAPO have been organizing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) conference every year.  This year’s 2-day programme, was held at Impiana KLCC Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 12 and 13 November. Education Chairman Mr. Walter Chai, together with his team of working committee, put in everything they got to ensure this 3rd CPD run like clock-work.

12 new topics were covered, including red eyes, tonometry, glaucoma, vision of the young, perimetry, uncommon eye diseases, lenses and lens care solutions, binocular abnormalies, low vision, vision care for HIV+ / AIDS patient, new self-tint technology , etc.


Participants, comprising members and ECPs, were excited with the topics that helped them gain new insights and professional knowledge.